About Company


E3 Ecommerce Corp is a cloud-based logistics service providing support to our clients in the form of mail processing and e-commerce business solutions. Our novel and tech-oriented approach to logistics and fulfillment gives our clients access to a huge network of suppliers, retailers, carriers, and distributors for their business-specific needs. The provision of logistical support in the U.S. can be very challenging, but our broad, strategically distributed networks mean hassle-free service anywhere in the world.

E3 Ecommerce was founded with the goal of providing trustworthy and reliable fulfillment partners that a business can rely upon as much as they trust their in-house team. Our team is comprised of long-time e-commerce professionals and logistic support experts who excel in assisting businesses in all logistics-related issues.

Our Mission


Because Amazon offers extremely quick delivery, often no more than two working days, customers have begun to expect the same standards from other companies. Companies with limited infrastructure are often unable to meet such customer expectations regarding delivery. Our mission is to eliminate this growing barrier for any e-commerce business by providing them with fast and cost-effective fulfillment.

Our Commitment


The exercise of prepping, inspecting, and shipping packages to Amazon in alignment with FBA standards can be a taxing task that may overwhelm the benefits of Amazon Fulfillment. To ease this burden for any business and make the intricate Amazon fulfillment process easy, we can help! If you’re experiencing any of the following, you should seriously consider using our services:

Our Team


Our Team is composed of diverse professionals – software engineers, operations experts, etc. – with extensive experience in designing and operating intricate logistics systems. We have employed cutting-edge machine-learning and optimization technology to construct a smart fulfillment network that ensures rapid, secure, and hassle-free delivery anywhere in the world.

E3 Ecommerce is different

Attention to Details

There are a few critical things that set us apart from the competition; we ensure not only cheap and quick delivery but also our attention to detail in every step of the transit and delivery process. There are many aspects to this that a customer might not think about but they are essential for product safety and security or important as precautionary measures to minimize risk. For instance, the type of tape being used to secure the product, channels by which you are being updated about product status, the systems and processes designed to consolidate orders and minimize your costs—these are key parts of the fulfillment process, but they are easy to ignore. Paying attention to these things adds to the cost on our end, but we are committed to providing this type of exceptional service and top-notch quality to each and every one of our clients.

Customized Solutions

E3 Ecommerce has abandoned the industry policy of “one size fits all.” Instead, we have introduced logistical services tailored according to every individual product’s needs, including the business model, packaging requirements, and budget constraints. We support and work with all businesses regardless of their size. Our support extends to traditional retail, crowdfunding campaigns, subscription services, etc. in order to meet the specific and unique requirements of each retailer.

Distributed Network of Shipping Agents

Since the beginning, we have focused on a handful of carefully selected shipping locations that are operated entirely by our employees. This conscious choice, coupled with our excellent team of experts and longstanding knowledge of the industry, allows us to provide our customers with unmatched support and guidance as they set out to expand their business.

We have shipping agents located all over the U.S., and they keep our logistics network running. The decentralized operations help us save money by removing the need for central warehouses and facilities. Instead, our shipping agents work from the comfort of their own home or office, giving them flexibility and us the ability to pass the savings onto our clients. Shipping agents are the people and small businesses who receive your deliveries, process them, and forward them on to you. All our agents are supported by our management team as well as our proven processes and state-of-the-art technology. This ensures we can offer you a highly efficient, reliable, and effective service.

The decentralized business model enables us to keep our costs as low as possible. We pass those savings directly on to you by keeping the cost of our services and the cost of international shipping as low as possible. Our clients have a choice of shipping agents to use, many of which are located in states that do not charge a sales tax.

We are currently investing in a major expansion of our shipping agents all over the United States. By employing a decentralized approach, we can operate efficiently without operating large warehouses. This is especially important today, during the COVID-19 pandemic, where safety and cost-efficiency has become essential for the survival of many businesses. Our agents are working tirelessly to provide shipping to our clients from the convenience of their homes during these trying times. Our remote shipping network gives us supreme flexibility, which results in lower costs, fewer expenses, and higher savings—the benefit of which we pass on to our clients.

The pandemic has shown the importance of decentralized business models and remote employment opportunities. I hope that one day our mutual trust will allow the ubiquitous transition to flexible digital business models which have the potential of keeping American economy viable, flexible and competitive.

Cesar Shlain
CEO of E3 Ecommerce, Corp.