Return Management


Amazon is a globally dominant e-commerce site that gives international sellers easy access to American shoppers. However, Amazon also has stringent standards for customer satisfaction, and that means loose return policies for buyers to a U.S.-based address, which can be a challenge for international sellers. American customers often get annoyed by international sellers due to their high shipping costs, delays in delivery, and lags in the return and exchange of products.

E3 Ecommerce provides cheap and efficient return management services. This allows our clients to improve their product quality and provide good customer service, which in turn also reduces the return ratio of their products. Our return management system not only provides inspection of returns and repackaging services to get the product back to the inventory, but we also help our clients analyze the returned products to understand the underlying reasons for the return itself. We work closely with businesses to maintain their profits through repackaging and reshipping of their products. Our customers can stay competitive by efficiently processing returned products, thereby reducing costs.

We offer effective logistics services through our team of strategically placed professionals dedicated to catering to our clients’ needs across the U.S. Our customers can take control of their return inventory and customize it, explore different sales channels for the aftermarket, and get help in the disposition of the products. You can also contact our team to discuss the best strategy for you to handle the returned inventory and manage it properly.

We make the return shipping process as inexpensive as possible to avoid any headaches for our business clients.

U.S.-based return address


To provide the best return services to customers using Amazon, having a U.S.-based return address is essential, as this is required by Amazon. For international sellers, it is difficult to fulfill this particular requirement dictated by Amazon. We assist our clients in preparing prepaid shipping labels for any returns. In order to provide the best possible customer service, it has now become necessary to have a U.S.-based return shipping address so customers are satisfied with the timely return process with low shipping costs.

For our international customers, we provide a U.S. address for potential return products. Our warehouses are monitored by our return inventory management system and each returned product is scanned and then filed into your account, along with its relevant information such as weight, dimensions, and tracking numbers.

All of your returns will be automatically managed by our system. We will inspect them and ship them to the FBA, or any third-party address specified in your account. For international clients, we provide the option of storing the returned items and sending them in bulk to save on shipping costs. Our system always works to optimize your logistics needs and keep your costs low to maximize your market advantage.

The process


The Amazon FBA service provides an easy and accessible online return process. Sellable items are put back in your FBA inventory, whereas those products that are damaged are disposed of. These items must be inspected, as often they are still viable for sale. This part of the Amazon FBA process can impact your profits by disposing of sellable items, but E3 Ecommerce can manage this aspect by inspecting items and sending you their photos for you to decide whether to resell these products or dispose of them.

Our return management system is automated, so it keeps your customers in the loop in terms of their products and any returns they have made. By providing various tools on our platform, we make sure you don’t incur losses on return products. These tools can help you in managing your returns and keeping track of your return inventory. This keeps the return management system transparent, which is often not the case with the Amazon FBA. E3 Ecommerce offers return management through a user-friendly interface that allows for easy management and tracking. Business clients using our software can easily access the status of their returned products and can view the return data and full history of their products through their account dashboard.

  1. First of all, we can prepare your products correctly before shipping to your customers so that there are fewer returned products.
  2. Our system offers the option of prepaid return labels, tracking information, and text updates for your buyers concerning their returns.
  3. When the items are returned by the customers and arrive at any of our fulfillment centers, we restock the item, manage it, and then either send it back to your inventory or dispose of it, if required. If you tag the returned items as restocked, we will add them to your current product inventory and make them readily available for resale purposes. 80% of returned items can usually be placed back in the inventory and improve your ROI. Every returned product is important and is treated accordingly.
  4. We can also ship returned items anywhere in bulk to save on extra international shipping costs.
  5. The damaged items, as marked by you, will be recycled by us promptly.

We can provide all the third-party logistics services you need to save time and money on Amazon orders, including:

Inventory storage, inspection, and disposition
Cosmetic reconditioning
Re-packaging and re-stocking
Inventory tracking
Defect analysis & reporting
Pick & pack services
Inspection services, including photographs
Reverse logistics/returns processing
Amazon FBA Returns Management
Amazon FBA Reverse Logistics
Amazon FBA Labeling, Repackaging, and Barcoding
Amazon FBA Administration
Amazon FBA Consolidation
Amazon FBA Load building
Amazon FBA Cross-docking

To receive a USA address for accepting returns from your buyers, you need to sign up for our services, at which point you will immediately receive a local USA return address for all your shipping needs.