Ecommerce Fulfillment


Simply put, E3 Ecommerce is a logistics technology company serving as a third party in providing logistics and fulfilling orders. To offer the most convenient and cohesive experience, we use proprietary software across our entire network. Our orders are processed automatically in terms of picking, packing, and shipping directly to the clients.

Our collaborative integration approach helps you import orders from various digital platforms and split them across locations, with essential information flowing both ways.

Our integrated system for turnkey application has a flexible structure for every leading e-commerce platform and digital marketplace, including Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify.

Our interconnected shipping agents, strategically placed around the U.S., will help you divide your inventories across various locations, ensuring that your products get from one point to another affordably and quickly. When your inventory is stored near customers, it reduces the zones of shipping and minimizes the associated costs.

A distributed inventory system enables you to be more competitive, as you can offer shipping to your customers in as little as two days. Once an order request is received, our system selects the shipping agent automatically, along with the carrier that would give you the best price and the swiftest turnaround time.

Once an order shipment is completed, its tracking information is automatically transferred to your store. We also provide all necessary services for return management, which allows customers to track returns and generate shipping labels for any returned orders. In this way, we can get your products returned to the inventory as quickly as possible.

As a customer of E3 Ecommerce, you can use the dashboard to connect with your online store and manage the orders, shipments, inventories, and so much more.

We have a brilliant order fulfillment system that stretches from your digital store to your client’s doorstep:


  1. Use our services and we will utilize our U.S.-based destination to receive your products from U.S.-based and international suppliers.
  2. Use our services and we will utilize our U.S.-based destination to receive your products from U.S.-based and international suppliers.
  3. Your customers place orders in your store. We manage everything else: streamlined picking, packing, and delivering of all orders to your customers residing in the U.S.

The process


You may think of the fulfillment process as complex and challenging—a constant obstacle to your business success. Fortunately, with our detailed approach, the steps are incredibly easy.

You are free to manage your products’ marketing and selling activities in any way you want; we are here to manage everything else. With our customized API integration solutions, your online shopping cart is seamlessly integrated with our software, which allows us to import any orders automatically. From this point, we will make all further arrangements related to picking up, labeling, and shipping for every single order—without any delays or complications in the shipping process. Best of all, the process is completely scalable and customizable. In other words, it doesn’t matter how fast you expand—we guarantee that the same level of service will be provided for every single one of your orders.

  1. You can ship products to us from overseas suppliers or source or manufacture any product in the United States and then ship it to us domestically.
  2. Our discounted shipping prices let you ship inventory to your customers with our help.
  3. All of your sales and logistics channels can be integrated with us.
  4. Once we receive an order, we ensure quality control from start to finish.
  5. Orders are packed and shipped using either customer packaging or predefined guidelines.
  6. Our system recommends the most effective method of shipment, along with the most attractive discounted rates.
  7. Your customer receives an email with a tracking number.
  8. Your customer happily receives their product.
  9. If necessary, our effective return management solution enables no-hassle inspection and processing of returns.
  10. Our software allows you to manage your inventory with ease!

Our fulfillment services let you optimize in terms of both cost and time. With our help, get used to exceeding the expectations of your customers and building long-term customer relationships.

Adaptive and cost-effective

Discounted shipping rates allow us to ship orders to your customers at the lowest possible rates. Before that the products are easily supplied to the USA or imported from other countries without any additional effort or cost. We have the capacity to assimilate all your channels and help you expand your hold in the marketplace.

Special services

There are times when our services are essential, such as when performing a task like inventory counting, repackaging, product labeling, or other general tasks. Our strategically placed shipping agents are always available to fulfill your needs, as they are professionally trained and capable of resolving both simple and complex tasks.

Picking and packing

We not only offer an automated system for order fulfillment but also guarantee that acquiring and packaging activities are accurate and efficient. Our global bandwidth allows us to fulfill up to 100,000 orders per day. We do not believe in charging for services that are not delivered, so E3 Ecommerce will only charge you for the services received. Even if there is only a single order in a given month, you will only have to pay for that single product. Simple, as it should be.

Shipping options that are flexible and fast

We offer a wide range of professional shipping options based on your preference and price range. Our platform can optimize and rate orders automatically, based on various factors, to save transit time and cost.

Optimization of orders and carrier options

Whatever level of service you need, we can manage the return process through national, regional, postal, and global solutions. The intelligent optimization of carrier choice further reduces the costs.

Optimizing product return rates

Returns are minimized because we prepare your goods according to all requirements, and our goods arrive undamaged.

Global Marketplace and Fulfillment

We have created an international supply chain network that connects customers from around the world in a single integration point.

Expedited & Ground Delivery

We ship all across North America to customers in just two days, thanks to our broad network of professional shipping agents.

Processing of orders on the same day

All warehouse orders received before 4 PM EST are guaranteed to be shipped on the same day.