Virtual Address


With E3 Ecommerce, get a virtual U.S. address, shop for products from your favorite American brands, and sit back while the product is delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

Buying products from American retailers is what many customers prefer, due to the variety and cost-effectiveness American companies offer. However, many of these retailers do not provide international shipping. Fortunately, this no longer has to stop you from shopping at your favorite retailers. Through our international shipping service, you can get American products from all your favorite websites like Amazon, Walmart, etc. delivered right to your home. Get your packages internationally shipped, safe and secure, at the lowest possible shipping costs. Lacking a credit card with a U.S. billing address should not stop you from your ideal shopping experience!

Keep track of your product with real-time photos of your product
Benefit from tax-free shopping in specified areas
Select from our packages to save as much as possible.
There is no set-up cost, and no credit card is required for registration. Our standard membership comes with no additional fees
Get periodic updates regarding product shipping status
Get products of your choice delivered internationally to your door.
Save on shipping costs by up to 80%.
Bulk shipping allows for simple and inexpensive international shipping.
Benefit from a sales tax exemption in selected localities—Montana, Nevada, Oregon, New Hampshire, and Delaware.
Best shipping rates globally (price-beating policy).

How it works


Get your virtual American address without any obligation


Visit any store you choose and select your new virtual address as the delivery destination


Your package will arrive at our secure shipping facility. We will update you upon its receipt, along with pictures of the product. The product details will be uploaded to the portal for shipping confirmation. We will hold the product for up to three months. Subscribe to our premium options at convenient rates to get more photos of the product and package consolidation, to help you save even more, as well as special care options—bubble wrap of the product and security tape for the package


Confirm your order and select your preferred international carrier. We will get your product on its way to you as soon as possible


Use our express shipping option for even faster hassle-free deliveries

Purchase Assist


Online shopping from U.S. retailers can be very difficult. From banks not accepting your payments to customs paperwork issues, there can be a host of obstacles to overcome. Eliminate this headache entirely through our Purchase Assist Program. All you have to do is pick the products you want to purchase and leave the rest to us. We will manage the delivery, paperwork, and international shipment directly to your doorstep. Avoid all the hassle of dealing with international transactions.


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get your favorite American products delivered right to your home:


Select the item you want to purchase. Send the URL of that item to us.


We will purchase the product after you deposit money into our accoun


Your items will be received by us and delivered to your desired destination. We will keep you updated on your product delivery by sending you pictures upon receipt. We can also consolidate the product if requested. Once you are satisfied with the product, we will send it out for delivery

Track Your Purchase in Real-Time

With periodic email and SMS notifications, keep constant tabs on your product’s status.

Monitor the product condition through real-time photos.

If you have any questions, our agents are there to assist you 24 hours a day.

Our Pricing

Mail Forwarding

  • Classical mail forwarding service – consolidate to save $7 / package.
  • Save on shipping costs even more – by up to 80% of standard rates – by consolidating your purchases.

Customs Declaration

Let us handle all the tedious paperwork. This service can be used for both individual and bulk packages.

Premium Processing

If you want to receive the product even faster, get our premium service to expedite the entire process.

More Photos

For every package, three photos reflecting its conditions are taken for free and sent to you. However, if you want more photos and/or photos from particular angles, we can send them to you for a fee corresponding to your request.

Extra Care

Worried about your product’s safety? Enlist our extra care service for that extra peace of mind. We will cover your product with extra bubble wrap and duct tape, or whatever else it requires to arrive safely.

Shipping Insurance

Notwithstanding the precautions already taken, International Delivery involves a multitude of variables, which means there is always a risk. We recommend getting shipping insurance to cover your product in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Special Requests

Shipping fragile items can be risky. If you have concerns regarding your product’s safety, reach out to our agents to ensure that everything is taken care of, or to request additional protection.


Since many stores do not accept orders to PO boxes, we will use a real physical address instead.

Since many stores do not accept orders to PO boxes, we will use a real physical address instead.

Since many stores do not accept orders to PO boxes, we will use a real physical address instead.